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How Can We Open Conversations about Aging with our Elderly Parents? An Interview with Katharina Dress

Katharina Dress from Aging in Harmony talks about faciliating discussions between the elderly and their families

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Katharina Dress from Aging in Harmony, an organization that provides communication support for elders and their families and caretakers. Katharina has a masters degree in communications from San Francisco State University and has completed extensive training … Continue reading

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Grief as a Gateway to the Divine

James Merrill explores the divine that is imminent in the stages of grief

James Merrill’s elegiac poem, “A Dedication” observes grief in its most intimate setting: the mind. Addressed to his friend, the Dutch poet Hans Lodeizen (who died while still a young man in 1950), the poem suggests its close relation to the poet’s … Continue reading

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How Can the Elderly Keep Their Independence?

This Sandwich Generation Month, we look at Personal Emergency Response Systems for aging parents

July is Sandwich Generation Month, a time for us to celebrate the dedication and loving kindness of adults who are currently taking care of both their children and their parents. Imagine the pressures they must deal with every day — … Continue reading

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Who Takes Care of Us When We Live Longer and Die Slower? An Interview with Karla Erickson

Sociologist Karla Erickson talks about what it means to care for an aging population that lives longer than ever – and dies slower than ever

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Karla Erickson, Associate Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College in Iowa. With a PhD in American Studies from the University of Minnesota, Karla has written a book on class, community and gendered labor titled The Hungry Cowboy: Service and … Continue reading

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Monday Hearts for Madalene

Page Hodel creates the most beautiful hearts in an ongoing celebration of love

Remembering Beautiful Summer Days! It’s an honor for SevenPonds to share with our readers the story of the Monday Hearts for Madalene project, a true account of the power of love in the midst of death. The project’s origins take us to 2005: the … Continue reading

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Fearing the Return of the Dead in Gypsy Burial Traditions

Gypsy funeral traditions are heavily influenced by beliefs in the supernatural

Gypsy funeral traditions are characterized by abundance. Enormous, full of relatives, public mourning and solemn ritual, their burial rites amount to a massive procession taken very seriously by everyone involved. Their zeal may arise from a widespread belief in the … Continue reading

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