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In the Future, More Older Americans May Die Alone

Studies predict more Americans will both age and die alone

More American adults may die alone in the future, if recent studies are any indication. This would be largely due to the fact that Americans are much more independent nowadays compared to earlier generations. Roughly half of U.S. adults are … Continue reading

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Pollution Linked to 9 Million Deaths in 2015, Study Shows

Air pollution contributed to the most deaths, followed by water and job-related pollution

A new report released by The Lancet has linked pollution of all kinds to roughly 9 million deaths in 2015. This equates to about 16 percent of total deaths worldwide, with air pollution contributing to the most deaths (6.5 million). … Continue reading

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Business Makes $27 Million Selling Donated Bodies on the Open Market

An Arizona company makes enormous profits selling body parts from bodies donated to science

At first glance, you probably wouldn’t associate a brand called Science Care with the human cadaver trade. However, that’s exactly what the Phoenix, Arizona-based company deals with, as it is perhaps the country’s most well-known company that legally profits off … Continue reading

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Song About Loss: “Someone Great” by LCD Soundsystem

"Someone Great" chronicles the messiness of grief and the difficulties of moving on

The American band LCD Soundsystem employs a unique style when it comes to their brand of electronic rock music. And their popular song “Someone Great” is a wonderful example of their music for a first-time listener. “Someone Great” is a … Continue reading

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

- Les Brown
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“The Ivory Mirror” Exhibit Asks Students To Consider Death

Questions about mortality and self are important for young people to think about

A liberal arts college in New England is intentionally making its students think about death and their own mortality. Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, is currently hosting an art exhibition titled “The Ivory Mirror: The Art of Mortality in Renaissance Europe” … Continue reading

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