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Research Panel Suggests Physical Activity Can Help Prevent and Manage Alzheimer’s Disease

An extensive review of numerous studies led to their conclusion

A panel of researchers and non-government organizational leaders has determined that physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Being physically active can also help manage symptoms of the disease, according to researchers. The study, published by … Continue reading

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“Cemetry Gates,” by The Smiths

Song touches on the unfairness of death, yet ultimately is about love

“Cemetry Gates” by The Smiths is, on the surface, a song about two people who enter a cemetery to examine the gravestones. However, there are numerous ways in which you can dissect the deeper meanings that singer-songwriter Morrissey may have … Continue reading

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“So it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.”

-E.A. Bucchianeri
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“My Last Days” Tells The Stories of People With Terminal Illness

The documentary series emphasizes life much more than the prospect of death

The cable network The CW has an online documentary series called “My Last Days.” It tells the stories of people living with terminal illness. But it is much more about life than the subjects’ impending deaths. One episode focuses on … Continue reading

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People With Good Heart Health in Middle Age Live Longer

Good cardiovascular health in middle age also equates to fewer years with chronic health issues

People with better heart health in middle age live longer and have fewer instances of all kinds of chronic illness, according to a new study reported by the American Heart Association. The 40-year study is the first to examine the … Continue reading

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New Report Shows Benefits of Integrative Therapies For Breast Cancer Patients

Meditation and yoga received the highest grades for improving wellness

The Society for Integrative Oncology has released new guidelines regarding effective and safe integrative treatments for people with breast cancer. The new review adds to the growing body of evidence that supports the use of integrative therapies for breast cancer … Continue reading

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