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Study Finds Fewer American Automobile Fatalities Linked to Decreased Driving

Car crash deaths are down, but so is time spent traveling

A new study released by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine concludes that Americans drove less from 2003 to 2014. This decrease in road activity correlated directly with a decrease in automobile fatalities. However, less time spent behind the wheel … Continue reading

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Our Monthly Tip: Bring Friends and Family to Your Loved One’s Favorite Place in Nature

Honor your loved one's memory by gathering in their favorite place outdoors

Our Tip of the Month: Many people find comfort and peace in nature. Oftentimes a specific beach, forest, National Park or hiking trail is a person’s sanctuary during stressful times. After a loved one dies, bringing a group of family … Continue reading

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“We don’t understand death. And the proof of this is that we give dead people a pillow. I mean hey…I think if you can’t stretch out and get some solid rest at that point…I don’t see how bedding accessories really make the difference.”

- Jerry Seinfeld
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Book Review: “An Empty Seat in Class,” by Rick Ayers

Musings on student deaths and how teachers and their communities can deal with the tragedy

Rick Ayers’ book “An Empty Seat in Class” deals with an issue that many of us probably don’t consider very often: how the death of a student impacts teachers. “An Empty Seat in Class” is comprised of 10 sections, each dealing … Continue reading

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The INN Between Offers Hospice For the Homeless

Hospice center is the first of its kind in the US

Dying with dignity is something that a lot of homeless people will not get to do. But in Salt Lake City, Utah, terminally ill homeless people have a chance to receive hospice care thanks to The INN Between. According to … Continue reading

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“The Long Road,” By Tiger Army

Song serves as a recollection of the songwriter's life and reminds us to cherish the good times

Tiger Army’s wonderful song “The Long Road” could easily be re-named “My Life.” It’s a recollection of Nick 13’s (the songwriter) experiences — the people who’ve come in and out of his life; the relatively fleeting nature of it all; … Continue reading

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