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How Important is Touch at the Bedside of the Dying?

An interview with Everflowing director and educator Irene Smith, Part One

Today SevenPonds speaks with Irene Smith, founder and director of Everflowing, an educational program centered around creating a more supportive environment for hospice patients and their healthcare providers. Smith has three decades of experience as an educator and practitioner, focusing primarily … Continue reading

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Adrian Arleo’s Sculptures About Loss Meld Nature with Humankind

The sculptor crafts haunting displays that represent loss, death and rebirth

When we die, our bodies eventually revert back to nature, allowing new life to occupy the space that we’ve left behind. Few artists are able to capture this complex cycle of death and rebirth as accurately as Adrian Arleo. Her … Continue reading

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“Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.”

- A. Sachs
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Scientists Find a Link Between Walking Speed and Heart Disease

Your walking speed could predict whether you're at risk for cardiovascular disease

Are you a speed walker, or do you prefer to move at a more leisurely pace? Your answer could predict whether you’re at risk for developing heart disease later in life. A new study has found a link between average … Continue reading

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A New Study Finds That Patients Are Using Hospice Care Too Late

Researchers discover that patients may get more benefit from earlier care

If you had a terminal illness, how long would you wait before using hospice care? A new study finds that many terminally ill patients wait far too long to make this decision. Researchers from Yale studied the patterns of hospice … Continue reading

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Song About Loss: “Ue o Muite Arukō (Sukiyaki)” by Kyu Sakamoto

An emotional Japanese tune contains hidden layers of meaning

“Ue o Muite Arukō,” also known as “Sukiyaki,” by Kyu Sakamoto is a moving song about loss that translates across languages and cultures. It’s at once sorrowful and hopeful. The light melody bubbles at the surface and sparks joy in … Continue reading

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