A Reader Shares Her Bereavement & Thanks SevenPonds

Our post on Danish death traditions helped her

To Our Readers,

We are proud to share with you a letter (via email) from a reader of our SevenPonds blog. Gwyn was inspired by our blog post “Why Leave a Window Open? A Danish Death Tradition” at the time of her bereavement.  Here is the post Gwyn found so helpful in our “Cultural Perspectives” column.

Letters like Gewn’s are ever so precious to us at SevenPonds. They keep us endlessly inspired. 

Suzette Sherman, Founder


Danish Death Custom of Leaving a Window Open

Credit: h-o-r-n-g-r-y.com

“Dear Suzette,

My husband and I came to Copenhagen 2 years ago for the first time on a 4 day break.  I know this sounds strange but I felt so at home there and loved the orderliness of the normal everyday life.

We wanted to go to church on the Sunday as is our custom, so I made contact before we left home and we were met and taken by two lovely ladies to the home of the mother of one of them. These people who should have been strangers felt like friends straight away. I stayed in contact with the mother, only with a card and greeting at Christmas time and the occasional email.

This week she passed away peacefully and suddenly while we were still in conversation by email. The funeral was yesterday and obviously I had not wanted to intrude, in any way, on the family at this time. Reading your website about the lovely traditions of Denmark has really helped me. So I just wanted to thank you for it,

Kind Regards,

Mrs Gwyn Ogden.”

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