Our Weekly Tip: Download Your Health Care Wishes App

Not sure where to start on your advanced directive? Use this app
A man holding his phone, which has the app on the screen

Credit: The American Bar Association

Our Tip of the Week: Now that everyone carries around miniature computers in their pockets, there’s no reason to keep your health care needs stored at home on your computer or filed under pounds of paperwork in your office where your friends and family won’t have immediate access to it. The whole point of these directives is convenience, and what better way to conveniently store everything you need than to keep it securely on your phone?

How-to Suggestion: Download the American Bar Association’s My Health Care Wishes app on your Android or iPhone to ensure you never have to search through paperwork again. The app includes unlimited storage, security that keeps your personal information safe, contacts for all of your physicians and cloud backup storage. Simply summarize your health care wishes in the app, email or print them off to show people who are requesting the information, or use the app’s built-in resource tips to create your own advanced directive. Creating your profile will only take a few minutes of your time, but it will save you and your loved ones hours of paperwork and headaches in the future.

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