Our Monthly Tip: Bring Friends and Family to Your Loved One’s Favorite Place in Nature

Honor your loved one's memory by gathering in their favorite place outdoors

Our Tip of the Month:

Many people find comfort and peace in nature. Oftentimes a specific beach, forest, National Park or hiking trail is a person’s sanctuary during stressful times. After a loved one dies, bringing a group of family and friends to their most beloved outdoor place is a wonderful way to come together and remember them. Being outdoors  in nature has also been shown to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.View of a forest from afar


If your loved one had a favorite beach, you can set a time and date that works for family and friends to come together for a day or two to remember them. It’s not necessary to hold a memorial at this place. It can just be a time to come together to remember your loved one’s life. Being in a place that they loved can, in turn, bring the important people in their life closer together. Another idea is to go camping for a weekend at your loved one’s favorite campsite. We can get a better sense of what a person held dear when we take part in activities that they enjoyed.

Group of people hikingGoing for a hike with family and friends on your loved one’s favorite hiking trail would be another wonderful way to honor them. By retracing steps they very well may have taken, you can remember them and share stories about their life. Hiking and conversation go hand in hand. Exercising outdoors in nature is also a wonderful method to deal with grief and sadness.

By bringing their friends and family together in a final ode to your loved one’s favorite place, you will be honoring both their love of nature and their life.

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