Our Monthly Tip: Create a Bird Feeder for Someone Who Is Dying

Give your terminally ill loved one something natural to enjoy

Our Tip of the Month

The holidays are here, and it’s time to find presents for your loved one. Choosing a present for someone who is terminally ill can be a challenge. The person may be too weak to take part in activities and may have lost interest in previously enjoyed games and events. They may lack the concentration to read or even watch a favorite movie. But they might enjoy a bird feeder. You can hang it outside their window so they can watch the birds and maybe even the odd squirrel or two enjoying a meal.

How-to Suggestion

The full instructions for this bird feeder are located on the Natural Beach Living blog. Click on that link for pictures and more detailed descriptions. This feeder is a little different than most because it uses fruits and vegetables instead of seeds or nuts. It works best in climates where the temperature is below freezing at this time of year.

The first thing to do to make your bird feeder is gather your ingredients. You will need a Bundt cake pan and a fruit that can be sliced into thin round circles. Apples and oranges are ideal for this. You will also need some dark-colored berries like raspberries or blueberries. Finally, locate a length of festive ribbon.

Put the thin, round slices of fruit in the Bundt cake pan. Then place a few berries between the slices of fruit. Carefully pour water in the pan until the water just barely covers the fruit inside. Place the Bundt pan in the freezer and leave it there until the water freezes completely.

Once the bird feeder has frozen, pour a little warm water into the bottom of a pie tin. Place the Bundt pan into the warm weather until you can easily lift the bird feeder from the pan.

Tie one end of the ribbon around the feeder and the other around a sturdy branch of a tree where your loved one can see it.

A bird feeder featuring fruit

Credit: naturalbeachliving.com

When the bird feeder melts or is consumed, offer to work on another one with your loved one. If he or she is too ill, consider making or buying another bird feeder so your loved one can continue enjoying the presence of birds and other wildlife.

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