Our Monthly Tip: Getting Assistance with Thank You Notes

Bereavement makes it hard to acknowledge acts of kindness

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Before, during and after a death, friends, family and neighbors often give assistance to the primary caregiver. They may bring food, help with childcare, send flowers, do chores around the house and run errands. They may also step in to help with your loved one’s care when you are too weary to measure one more dose of medicine or change one more diaper. After the death occurs, you will probably want to thank the people who showed you such kindness. When you’re grieving, though, writing thank you notes can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips to make it a little bit easier.

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How-to Suggestion

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Most funeral homes sell thank you notes with a nice message inside. You can also order these cards online or buy them in bulk at a store. Try to get thank you notes with pre-printed messages. That means you don’t have to write a personal message in each card unless you want to. Be sure to buy plenty of cards so that no one whom you want to acknowledge is left out.

Next, think about the people who said, “Call me if I can help you in any way” or “Call if you need anything.” Some are just mouthing the words, knowing you probably won’t call on them. Others, though, truly want to help but don’t know how.

Ask two or three people who have extended genuine offers of help if they will help you with your thank you notes. These people can address the envelopes, apply return address stickers and affix the stamps. All you have to do is sign each note and – if you wish – add a personal message. When the envelopes are stuffed, just take them to the post office, and you’re done.

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