Our Monthly Tip: Renting a Food Truck for a Funeral

Breaking bread at a funeral can soothe grief

Ice cream buffet from food truck


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They say ice cream makes everything better, which is why having an ice cream food truck at a funeral is a fun and spirit-lifting idea. Toasted cones and sundaes, layered with toppings, is a sweet way to remember your loved one. And if ice cream is not your flavor, there are other types of food trucks available for a funeral or memorial occasion. Soothing grief with food in moderation is healthy. So consider the following tips on how to make mourners feel a bit better with some fare.

How-to Suggestion

Food Truck at a Funeral

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Before reserving a food truck for rental, ponder the possible menu. If ice cream is the spread, serve a few of your loved one’s favorite flavors. If you’re serving snacks, list some choices they would enjoy. Comfort food for funerals often includes deviled eggs, brie and bacon spinach dip or a plate of pimento cheese and crackers. Compliment the fare with a cocktail, also choosing a few of your loved ones favorite drinks.

After deciding on the type of ice cream or cuisine — or even both — Google food trucks in the local area and price at least three before making a final decision. Ask about customized menus and hourly rental costs, and be sure to save some funds to decorate a sitting area set around the truck. Consider creating a backdrop of your loved one’s favorite colors with tablecloths, balloons and flowers. Also, add a small bar at the side of the truck to offer beverages, be it liquor or non-alcoholic.

Whether you toast with an ice cream cone or a glass of chardonnay, breaking bread and drinking to a lost loved one with a food truck is a wonderful way to say goodbye.

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4 Responses to Our Monthly Tip: Renting a Food Truck for a Funeral

  1. avatar Alex says:

    This is a fantastic suggestion for funerals.
    The right comfort food or sweet food can offer feelings of satisfaction and warmth.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

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  2. avatar Cindy Martin says:

    Great idea and a wonderfully written article.

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  3. avatar Cindy Martin says:

    A wonderful idea and a great article. I would never have thought of this.

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  4. avatar Sue M. says:

    This *is* a wonderful idea. But if your loved one’s funeral or memorial service takes place in a church, you probably won’t need to rent a food truck for ice cream. Your church’s kitchen ministry team will probably be thrilled to provide you a sundae bar for just a donation to their ministry. If you can’t afford the full cost of the goodies, no worries. They’ll gladly do it as a way to demonstrate love and caring for the parishioner and his/her family.

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