Our Weekly Tip: Create Quote Boards for a Personalized Memorial

Say goodbye to a loved one with art pieces that capture the meaning of your relationship
Memorial Art Ideas

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Our Tip of the Week: Finding a perfect memory, saying or quote that sums up a person’s life is tough, but when you find one that works, it can be a sweet mantra that helps get you through the grieving process after they’re gone. Using personalized quote boards, each family member or friend can write down a memory or saying that reminds them of the person who is gone. Everyone had a different relationship with your loved one, so displaying all of these memories in one place more accurately captures the complexity of your loved one’s life and the impact they had on those around them.

Memorial Art Ideas

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How-to Suggestion: Buy as many miniature chalk boards, place cards or dry erase easels as you need for each memorial guest to write down a saying. The medium doesn’t matter as long as it’s easy for people to write on. Next, ask your guests to jot down a short memory, song lyric, inspirational quote or favorite saying about your loved one on the board. Then decorate each board with hand-drawn pictures or other memorabilia and display them around the room, or simply ask your guests to share with everyone what they wrote. Give your guests a variety of materials to work with and encourage them to freely express themselves, so that each person creates a unique memorial to the person who has died.

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