My Most Unusual Valentine’s Day Ever Resulted in an Epiphany About Life

What the most underrated part of life really is
Unusual Valentine's Day gift

Valentine’s Day gifts that filled me with emotion

Boy did I have an unusual Valentine’s Day this year, and it brought to me the most amazing epiphany!

This past year resulted in a love not real (that’s the short version), followed by many Valentine’s Day gifts given and received. I also figured out something incredibly important — what the most underrated part of life really is. But first let me get to what was unusual about my Valentine’s day.

I got amazing gifts:

– A postcard of floating heart flowers evoking the incredible mystery of love so important to mankind. Sent from my parents to display their love and support. My wonderful parents!

– Tall boots in a red camper bag to go a-walking down a new path in life towards attaining the love I deserve. From my ex who watches my back. I feel so lucky!

– A pink Valentine’s bag filled with an array of pink goodies. My mail lady’s way of letting me know how much she appreciates my attention and gifts through the year. Who gets gifts from their mail lady? – I loved it!

– But what’s getting without giving? I gave a lovely red Valentine’s Day orchid I arranged to former clients who were so special they deserved more. Giving feels so good especially to those who are heartfelt. I will miss them terribly!

You see there’s that saying – “sex, drugs and rock & roll.”

Each of these was so special, truly touching yet combined, they filled my heart with an overflowing sense of love and emotion.

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions
(Credit: Pinterest)

Then it hit me. While naturally there was love in the gifts from my parents and my ex, it was emotion that was the intense attachment and meaning developed with my clients and my mail lady. I repeat emotion.

You see there’s that saying – “sex, drugs and rock & roll.” This is what we do for fun in life. But what do we do the rest of the time?

We feel. We feel emotions. An amazing range of emotions from joy, envy, hurt, anger, surprise to the brass ring of them all — love! Think about how, if you combined all the minutes we feel our emotions, and weighed them against how much we experience sex, drugs & rock & roll… well, the amount of time spent feeling and emoting would far outweigh.

Love is truly amazing, but also feeling a range of emotions is a gift to not being empty and bored in life.

So you see…the most underrated part of life is emotions — the full range. It’s our gift as humans, a precious gift indeed. So the next time you are hurt, stop to focus and feel the pain, relish in the depth of the pain. Because you’re human and experiencing the gift of feeling is man’s greatest gift. What an epiphany about life!

Check out Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. Love is truly amazing, but also feeling a range of emotions is a gift to not being bored in life.

Beauty and love postcard

Postcard evoking the incredible mystery and beauty of love

And we only have one life to live.

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