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The Importance of Flags and Horses in American Military Funerals

An exploration of why flags and horses are so prominent in funerals for service members in the United States

As Veterans Day approaches, have you ever wondered why the caskets for military service members are always covered with American flags? Or why horses pull the caskets for presidents who receive military funerals? These traditions trace their roots back to … Continue reading

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Behind Death Masks: A History of How a Funeral Decoration Transformed Into a Tool to Improve Lives

The ancient funerary art of death masks allows us to look through the eyes of our ancestors

The practice of creating death masks to remember those who have passed is a ritual that can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Rome. The most recognizable death mask comes from the tomb of Tutankhamun himself. The likeness of … Continue reading

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“My wife is as handsome as when she was a girl, and I fell in love with her; and what is more, I have never fallen out.”

--Abraham Lincoln
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Presidential Deaths and Funerals

Looking back on the elaborate, ever changing funerals of presidents who’ve passed

As we approach President’s Day (Washington’s birthday) and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (this Tuesday), it seemed fitting to look back and reflect on the history of presidential funerals.  You will find that many funeral customs have changed over the years as … Continue reading

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