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New Report Shows Benefits of Integrative Therapies For Breast Cancer Patients

Meditation and yoga received the highest grades for improving wellness

The Society for Integrative Oncology has released new guidelines regarding effective and safe integrative treatments for people with breast cancer. The new review adds to the growing body of evidence that supports the use of integrative therapies for breast cancer … Continue reading

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How Does Hospice Improve Quality of Life? An Interview with Sheena Boyd

Sheena Boyd illuminates how hospice services can improve the quality of life for clients with terminal diagnoses

Today SevenPonds speaks with Sheena Boyd, a former UK hospice worker at St. John’s Hospice in central London. Boyd has had 10 years of hospice experience as a day services manager, where she would help clients maintain a quality of … Continue reading

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How Can Holistic Healing Help You Cope With Grief? An Interview With Carol Harada

Five different holistic healing approaches that can guide you through the grieving process

Carol Harada is the founder of The Fluent Body, a holistic healing approach that communicates with the body’s inner wisdom through the language of physical sensations, emotions, movement, and metaphor. Carol has a background in arts and healing, hypnotherapy, meditation … Continue reading

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