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Our Weekly Tip: Use the Right Tools to Document Your Wishes About End-of-Life Care

It's important to understand the difference between an Advance Directive and a Living Will

Our Tip of the Week: Today, more and more people understand the importance of documenting their wishes about how they want to be cared for as they approach the end of their lives. Yet, thanks in large part to the confusing … Continue reading

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What is Advance Directive? – An Interview with Judy Epstein

You already knew about the importance of filling out an advance directive; what about a POLST?

Dr. Judy Neall Epstein is a naturopathic physician and the Clinical Director of the Compassion & Choices End-of-Life Consultation Program. Dr. Epstein spent ten years in private practice before accepting her position at Compassion & Choices, where she works with … Continue reading

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Advance Directives Let You Take Control at the End-of-Life

National Healthcare Decisions Day Helps U.S. Make and Share Decisions About End-of-Life Care

Do you know what kind of medical care you would want if you were too ill or injured to express your wishes? How do you ensure that your wishes — or the wishes of your loved ones — will be … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Discussion About End-of-Life Care

A story about the financial cost of dying reminds us of the physical and emotional price.

A recent article in the San Jose Mercury News not only let writer Lisa Krieger share the story of her father’s final days with intrigued readers, but also taught the author some valuable lessons about what she considers “a good … Continue reading

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Making Decisions about End of Life Care

New developments and new ways of looking at death are changing the way we make end-of-life decisions

Healthcare decisions can be a major cause of stress for end-of-life patients and loved ones, particularly when they don’t fully understand their options or their rights. When patients don’t know their options, it is impossible to clearly convey their wishes … Continue reading

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