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“Hospice matters. The end of life deserves as much beauty, care and respect as the beginning.”

-- Anonymous
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Mortality Risk Assessment: A Tool for Planning End-of-Life Care

Nurse practitioners make inroads in advanced care planning

A recent study from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners shows that sharing realistic information with patients about their medical prognosis helps facilitate discussions about end-of-life care. The study, published in the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners … Continue reading

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Gerontechnology Solve the Problems of Aging in the 21st Century?

A new field of study looks at how technology can improve the lives of our elderly family and friends

Aging in the 21st century is a challenge that has never before been experienced by our elderly population due to the rapidly accelerating and unprecedented technological changes of modern generations. With difficulties such as decreased mobility, moving into an assisted … Continue reading

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Passing the Torch: Governmental Control of Life and Death

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. plays with complex themes of aging and death in his 1962 short story “2BRO2B”

On the surface, 2BRO2B is an incredibly dark satire portraying a bleak future where death is militantly maintained by the government. As we are introduced to a futuristic society in which death and aging has been cured, and the population … Continue reading

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How Can We Support the Aging and Elderly? An Interview with Andrew Gaines

Executive Director Andrew Gaines shows us how Ashby Village can support independent living for the elderly through community support

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Andrew Gaines, Executive Director for Ashby Village, a community and volunteer organization for the elderly or aging in Berkeley, CA. After serving as Executive Director for Earthdance in the 1990’s, Andrew guided the development of several multi-family … Continue reading

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What is Art Therapy? An Interview with Constance Hunt

The relationship between art therapy and end-of-life care at the AgeSong Institute

Constance Hunt is an art therapist working at the AgeSong Institute, located in San Francisco, CA. AgeSong is an eldercare facility committed to shifting the typical perspective on aging by bringing greater acceptance and respect to end-of-life care. In her … Continue reading

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