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How Do You Stay Active with Alzheimer’s? An Interview with Patricia Ris, Part One

Patricia Ris of Memory Care Cafe talks about how to stay healthy while you are in the early stages of this disease

Today SevenPonds speaks with Patricia Ris, the program director and founder of Memory Care Cafe. Her San Francisco-based program teaches people with Alzheimer’s how to stay involved in their communities and maintain an active lifestyle. The group focuses on people … Continue reading

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Would You Undergo Genetic Testing for Early-Onset Familial Alzheimer’s When There’s a Good Chance You’ll Test Positive?

One 39 year-old woman’s decision — in a situation eerily similar to the film Still Alice — to find out whether or not she will get this type of Alzheimer’s by the time she’s 65

Prior to catching the wonderful and emotionally raw film, Still Alice, I stumbled upon a recent physical copy of a People article about a real-life woman named Daisy Duarte, who has been taking care of her early-onset familial Alzheimer’s-stricken mom, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Still Alice (2014) by Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer

One woman’s life turns upside down with the diagnosis and progression of her early-onset Alzheimer's

Still Alice is one of those essential movies, an instant classic that has an effect on all of its viewers, regardless of their backgrounds. Alzheimer’s and dementia are growing illnesses that have a growing effect on all of us as … Continue reading

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Hogewey: The Dementia Village That Embraces Late-Stage Alzheimer’s

Dutch town Hogewey is entirely inhabited by people who have Alzheimer's, and the patients are thriving

The little village of Hogewey in The Netherlands looks normal on the outside: 23 houses nestled around a community plaza filled with stores and park benches. But this village has a secret. Everyone living within its gates has late-stage Alzheimer’s. … Continue reading

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Free Memory Screenings Can Help Detect Alzheimer’s Sooner

One group wants to use recreated photos of treasured memories to spread the word about Alzheimer's screenings

Did you know that November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month? Well, one group wants all of you to remember it. Remember Together is an organization focused on early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s through a huge social media campaign. The idea is simple: … Continue reading

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Pomegranates Helping Alzheimer’s

Research shows pomegranates calm brain inflammation for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

According to the American Alzheimer’s Association, over 15.5 million people provided 17.7 billion hours of unpaid care to those suffering from the disease in 2013 alone. That adds up to over $200 billion of care – and doesn’t even tally … Continue reading

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