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Memorializing The Hands of The Dying

Trish Rogers provides plaster casts of the hands of the dying as a unique memorial for families

“Some hands are worn,” says Trish Rogers. “You can tell they’ve been through many things in life. Some hands are smooth because they’re kind of young and innocent.” She’s talking about the hands of the dying. Trish Rogers has studied … Continue reading

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“Remnant” by Jean L. Kreiling

Allowing the storm to transform understandings of self and world

“Remnant” by Jean L. Kreiling challenges our desire to go back to the way things were. We all wish for that at some point or another, being tugged out of our comfort zone by life’s insistent and dynamic flux. And … Continue reading

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What is an Undertaker? An Interview with Patrick McNally: Part Two

Patrick McNally shares his insights on ritual, art and funerals

Today SevenPonds speaks with Patrick McNally, the inspired real-life funeral director behind the blog The Daily Undertaker, which explores ritual and art surrounding death and dying. In this second part of our two-part interview, Patrick discusses the significance of ritual and how … Continue reading

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Artist Depicts Transformative Nature of Death in Visionary Paintings

Autumn Skye Morrison finds beauty in the big picture

Autumn Skye Morrison has been called a visionary artist, but it could just as easily be said that she simply sees the bigger picture of our time on Earth. Her paintings are saturated with themes of birth, death and transformation, … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Joy: “My Silver Lining” by First Aid Kit

Song expresses determination to continue living life after loss

Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit skillfully express the need to find meaning and pleasure in life after experiencing hardship. In “My Silver Lining,” they sing: Take me some place where there’s music and there’s laughter… There’s no starting over, … Continue reading

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Can A Handmade Softie Toy Be Of Therapeutic Benefit During The Grieving Process? An Interview with Wendy Tsao, Part Two

How one artist used a sewing machine and ingenuity to bring children's drawings to life

Today is part two of a two-part interview with Wendy Tsao, the artist who founded the home-based business Child’s Own Studio in 2007. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Child’s Own Studio was born when Wendy decided to make a softie toy … Continue reading

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