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Can A Handmade Softie Toy Be Of Therapeutic Benefit During The Grieving Process? An Interview with Wendy Tsao, Part Two

How one artist used a sewing machine and ingenuity to bring children's drawings to life

Today is part two of a two-part interview with Wendy Tsao, the artist who founded the home-based business Child’s Own Studio in 2007. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Child’s Own Studio was born when Wendy decided to make a softie toy … Continue reading

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No Body There: The Empty Bed And The HIV/AIDS Crisis

Felix Gonzalez-Torres' billboard installation "Untitled" speaks to love and loss

Between February 20th and March 18th of 1991, 24 billboards throughout Manhattan showcased the monochrome image of an unmade double bed with rumpled sheets and depressions of a head in the center of each of the two pillows. No explanation accompanied the image; … Continue reading

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Angel of Hope Memorial Gardens

A space for communities to heal after the loss of a child

The adage goes: “No parent should have to bury a child.” While nothing truly heals the pain caused by this loss, some communities are trying to ease the pain one statue at a time. Across the United States, parents who … Continue reading

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The Fantastical Photography of Kirsty Mitchell: A Tribute to Her Mother

How the photographer memorialized her mother by creating a world of fairy tales inspired by her childhood

Kirsty Mitchell has been working on a project four years in the making, where she photographs fantastical, wildly radiant scenes of fairy-tail women in elaborate costumes. These story-book images are a tribute to the artist’s mother, who died in November … Continue reading

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