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Eye of the Storm: Shawn Thornton Paints His Cancer

How an artist channeled a pineal gland tumor into stunning paintings

Philadelphia-based artist Shawn Thornton, now 40, suffered from a cancerous tumor of the pineal gland in his 20s.  Later, he channeled the pain of that experience into creating paintings that speak both to contemporary and yonder periods of art. The works … Continue reading

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“My Last Days” Tells The Stories of People With Terminal Illness

The documentary series emphasizes life much more than the prospect of death

The cable network The CW has an online documentary series called “My Last Days.” It tells the stories of people living with terminal illness. But it is much more about life than the subjects’ impending deaths. One episode focuses on … Continue reading

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 Book Review: Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story by Carol Burnett

A mother’s touching tribute to her daughter who had so much life left in her when it was unexpectedly cut short by cancer

Many people think of Carol Burnett as a lively and beloved comedian and entertainer best known for her long-running variety show, “The Carol Burnett Show.” Few, however, know the intimate and intricate bond that she shared with her firstborn daughter, … Continue reading

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How to Deal with the Loss of a Child? An Interview with Henry Allen

The co-founder of the Brain Candy Project discusses his work and offers his advice

Henry Allen co-founded The Brain Candy Project along with his son Cameron, who was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 11. The Brain Candy Project is a nonprofit organization that helps support parents and guardians of children suffering from critical … Continue reading

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