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Is Anything Scarier than Dying?

Preempt the haunting of the ‘should’ve, could’ve’ regrets

A roller coaster ride suddenly drops 500 feet. A frantic car horn helps you steer your bike out of the way of an erratic driver. Your tumor biopsy comes back negative. All of these scenarios can precipitate a fear of … Continue reading

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A Virtual Reality Bucket List Helps Dying Patients Travel the World

Virtual reality headsets are giving terminally ill patients once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Diving enthusiast Matthew Hill had always wanted to explore the Great Barrier Reef. But when Hill was diagnosed with bowel cancer, he was forced to put this dream aside. The cancer left Hill’s body in a weakened state. He couldn’t even sit … Continue reading

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Film Review: “The Bucket List”

The comedic buddy film challenges us to think about terminal illness and life itself

“The Bucket List” is not only a comedic buddy movie, but also a unique and thought-provoking look at terminal illness. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson share the screen as the film’s protagonists, Carter Chambers and Edward Cole. The two characters’ … Continue reading

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What Is Happiness? An Interview with Dr. Laura Delizonna

A clinical psychiatrist talks about finding happiness during life's most trying times

Today SevenPonds is speaking with Dr. Laura Delizonna, a clinical psychiatrist, instructor at Stanford University and happiness coach. The coauthor of several books on the value of mindfulness, Dr. Delizonna is a the founder of  Choosing Happiness,  an ongoing educational project that … Continue reading

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Teenage Youtube Makeup Star Talia Joy Castellano Dies From Cancer

She made a bucket list that her fans continue to help her fulfill after her death

Thirteen-year-old Talia Joy Castellano passed away from cancer on Tuesday morning. The young Youtube sensation had been battling neuroblastoma and leukemia for six years, during a time in which she created a name for herself by filming makeup tutorials. The Youtube videos … Continue reading

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Bucket Lists – Everyone Has a Bucket List!

But how many have a “gift of dying” list?

Things have been really busy lately since the full launch of our site. I’m finally out from behind the computer (whew!) and am busy building a new life as well as reaching out to industry experts. It’s so great getting … Continue reading

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