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The Traditions and Customs of Catholic Funeral Mass

What to expect from a mass and which traditions you should follow

When I worked as a hospice social worker, the care team often attended the funerals of clients who had died. I saw many ceremonies that were beautiful and meaningful, but the one that touched me most was the Catholic funeral … Continue reading

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Film Series Review: “The Keepers” Directed by Ryan White

A documentary series unravels the mystery around a beloved nun's death

Following its massive success with the series “Making a Murderer,” Netflix has become the place for true crime enthusiasts to gather around and discuss complex murder mysteries. This year, Netflix released another fascinating series about murder and conspiratorial cover-ups,  “The Keepers.” In it, … Continue reading

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Last Rites: A Catholic Send-Off

A look at the religion's final prayer procession for the dying

Catholicism has never been number-shy in its teachings. Confess a sin? Ten Hail Marys. Looking to convert? Get ready for a slew of Sunday or Bible school classes, then 1. Baptism, 2. Confirmation, and 3. First Communion. If your list … Continue reading

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Alkaline Hydrolysis: Green Burial or Scientific Nightmare?

A new disposition method liquefies the body, preserves the environment and horrifies funeral consumers

Given the numerous environmental issues overshadowing the 21st century, learning how to live sustainably is a generally accepted responsibility. But what about learning how to die sustainably? Traditional burials take up valuable space. Cremation requires lots of energy, often supplied … Continue reading

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