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The Traditions and Customs of Catholic Funeral Mass

What to expect from a mass and which traditions you should follow

When I worked as a hospice social worker, the care team often attended the funerals of clients who had died. I saw many ceremonies that were beautiful and meaningful, but the one that touched me most was the Catholic funeral … Continue reading

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“Let’s be serious, isn’t every Friday ‘Good Friday?'”

- Unknown
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Last Rites: A Catholic Send-Off

A look at the religion's final prayer procession for the dying

Catholicism has never been number-shy in its teachings. Confess a sin? Ten Hail Marys. Looking to convert? Get ready for a slew of Sunday or Bible school classes, then 1. Baptism, 2. Confirmation, and 3. First Communion. If your list … Continue reading

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Guatemalan Funeral Traditions

A look into traditional Guatemalan beliefs about death and funerals

Guatemalans follow many traditional Catholic customs regarding death and funerals. When a person dies, there is a sense of urgency to prepare and bury the body. Shortly after a death, someone arrives to prepare for a burial by bathing and … Continue reading

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Italian Funeral Traditions

A look into Italian cultural beliefs about death and funeral traditions

As a culture, Italians are often inclined towards heavily theatrical rituals when it comes to major life events. Death and funerals, however, are exceptions: these focus more on the seriousness and the finality of death. Informed by the teachings of Catholicism, the … Continue reading

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Book Review: “All for Now,” by Joseph Di Prisco

A Novel About Life After Death, More or Less

Brother Stephen dies suddenly. That’s when matters get more complicated. During a meeting of school administrators, Brother Stephen, the main character of Joseph di Prisco’s novel, All for Now, monk at a Catholic Seminary and a teacher in the attached high … Continue reading

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