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Types of Death and Altered Levels of Consciousness

SevenPonds explains cellular death, coma, persistent vegetative state, brain death and cardiac death

There are many ways that the body — or parts of the body — can die. Some are caused by illness or injury, and others are just natural ways in which the body develops and changes over time. Additionally, changes … Continue reading

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Phowa: A Tibetan Buddhist’s Conscious Dying Meditation

A look at how this meditation clears the mind and opens the heart to remove fear from the great transition of death

Phowa (sometimes written as Poa or Powa) is a meditation technique of the Drikung Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhism, and is practiced widely in all lineages. The Drikung Kagyu includes the complete practices and teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, as well … Continue reading

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Alex Grey’s Transcendental Vision of Death and Grief

Visionary artist Alex Grey depicts consciousness beyond the human form at the moment of death

Alex Grey’s visionary artwork reflects a unique insight into the nature of death, grief and consciousness. Many of his paintings depict human subjects with seemingly transparent skin, the color and dimensions of their anatomy reflected in their environment. In the … Continue reading

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Solace and Stories

Deepak Chopra's Life After Death: The Burden of Proof offers more parable than proof

It is challenging, this whole living in the face of death thing. Our consciousness — which takes in all the incoming stimuli from the internal and external environments at whirling speeds and processes it into a cohesive structure we call … Continue reading

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Near Death Experiences: Glimpses of Eternity or Funny Business in the Brain?

The nature of NDEs excites believers and bewilders scientists

In order to live, singer and songwriter Pam Reynolds first had to die. Her brain aneurysm required a surgery that lowered her body temperature to a risky 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Her heart stopped and her EEG brain waves dwindled into … Continue reading

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Finding Peace of Mind by Cleansing the Chakras

How you can help yourself and others find peace at death

Wouldn’t it be nice to center yourself and find peace as you approach death?  According to this ancient spiritual practice, you can.  The seven chakras, which come from the Sanskrit word for wheel, control our emotional well being—particularly as we … Continue reading

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