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Grieving the Loss of Health

Grappling with the complex emotions associated with terminal illness

Each month Kathleen Clohessy, R.N., offers a new perspective on living with a terminal illness. Kathleen comes to SevenPonds with 25 years experience as a registered nurse caring for families and children facing life-threatening illness. She began her career in the … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Find a Grief Support Group

Connecting with others dealing with loss can be a important part of the grieving process

Our Tip of the Week: Grief can feel incredibly lonely. In the process of coping with the death of a loved one, it’s common to feel alienated from everyday life and isolated from the people around you not currently dealing … Continue reading

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“But You Didn’t” by Merrill Glass

Merrill Glass’s poem about losing her lover to war reminds us the importance of openly sharing your feelings for the one you love when you’re together, because the future can be so uncertain.

The death of a lover is difficult regardless of whether it is expected, as is the case with long-term illnesses, or if it is sudden, as is the case with a car crash or a major heart attack. The uncertainty … Continue reading

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Beautiful Memorial Music: “Mama You Sweet” by Lucinda Williams

A beautiful memorial song that encapsulates the physical and emotional severity of a daughter’s grief and love for her mother

On her 2007 album, West, one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Lucinda Williams, released an intensely beautiful song about her love for her mother and her grief over her death called “Mama You Sweet.” “Mama You Sweet” starts with the repetition … Continue reading

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Touching Memorial Song: “Too Soon to Know” by Roy Orbison

A reflective memorial song that touches on the depths of grief for a young wife’s tragic death

Roy Orbison was no stranger to tragedy in the 1960s. As a popular American singer,  he recorded his version of the Don Gibson-penned song, “Too Soon to Know,” to cope with his wife Claudette’s sudden death in a motorcycle accident in 1966 … Continue reading

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What Happens If Your Grief Never Seems To Go Away?

The term complicated grief may shed light on a common phenomenon

What does it mean if your grief over a loved one’s end of life never seems to fade? Of course, the stages of grief affect no two people the same, and for most people, grief never truly goes away. It … Continue reading

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