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New Eco-Friendly Coffin for Cremation

The Innovative Soul Ash Solace Coffin from Maximal Design of Belgium

Soul Ash Solace has an innovative design for a funereal vessel- it is made of light-weight materials that are completely biodegradable, (and much less harmful for our planet than showy, lacquered coffins and the like) such as papier-mache and corrugated … Continue reading

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A Journalist Becomes His Parents’ Death Panel

TIME Magazine adds their voice to the conversation about end-of-life care

In the current TIME Magazine cover story, writer Joe Klein divulges the story of his parents’ final days. In the video below, Klein talks about how their death taught him about the flaws in our healthcare system. The journalist’s story is … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Discussion About End-of-Life Care

A story about the financial cost of dying reminds us of the physical and emotional price.

A recent article in the San Jose Mercury News not only let writer Lisa Krieger share the story of her father’s final days with intrigued readers, but also taught the author some valuable lessons about what she considers “a good … Continue reading

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