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Book Review: “This Thing Called Grief: New Understandings of Loss” by Thomas M. Ellis

The short book provides insightful ways to deal with loss and grief

“This Thing Called Grief” by Thomas M. Ellis is a treatise on loss and grief. It is a short yet powerful book comprised of tips and helpful ways to understand and deal with the messiness that is grief. Mr. Ellis … Continue reading

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How Do Children Heal from Loss? An Interview with Daniel Clifford, Part Two

In the second part of his two-part interview, counselor Daniel Clifford talks about what parents can do to help their child understand death and loss

In part two of a two-part interview, SevenPonds speaks with marriage and family therapist Daniel Clifford. Through his work as a counselor and yoga instructor, Daniel has expertise in coping with complicated grief mentally and physically. He began his work … Continue reading

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How to Deal with a Loss? An Interview with Dr. Robert Gangi

The clinical/psychiatric crisis psychologist talks about his work with those affected by 9/11

Dr. Robert Gangi is a licensed clinical psychologist who works with individuals facing separation and loss. He has his own private practice, the Greenwich Village Center for Separation and Loss, in addition to working as a psychiatric crisis psychologist for … Continue reading

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