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The Catholic Church Guidelines on What to Do with Cremated Remains

Burial is best, says the Church

The Catholic Church has always had an uneasy relationship with the concept of cremation. In fact, the church forbade cremation to Catholics until May 1963. Even then, the church added a caveat that the cremation cannot violate basic Catholic beliefs. … Continue reading

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How Do I Memorialize a Loved One with Jewelry? An Interview with Claire McHan: Part One

An expert talks about making diamonds from a loved one's hair or ashes

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Claire McHan, operations manager and support manager for Heart In Diamond, a company that specializes in making diamonds out of loved one’s hair or ashes and converting them into beautiful pieces of jewelry that serve as memorials … Continue reading

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Wolfgang Natlacen Brings Fun Whimsy to Funerals with Urns That Double as Toys

The artist's egg-shaped urns transform the way we mourn loved ones

Walk into most funeral parlors in the United States, and you’ll see rows of somber, muted urns resting on the display shelves. For centuries, Western culture has thought of funerals and funeral accessories as dignified and utterly sanitized. Any attempts at … Continue reading

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Digitized Memorial Reflects Impermanence of Life

"Family Tree" from Lithuanian designers subjects at-home cremains to tech failure

Lithuanian designers Loucas Papantoniou and Asta Sadauskaite have developed the “Family Tree” — a sleek, modern, beehive-style wall mounted structure designed to keep family cremains in a single unified place within the home, complete with backlit LED memorial message screens programmable … Continue reading

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Bios Incube Turns Your Loved One Into A Tree To Keep Close

New technology turns cremains into life after life

It is said that Mother Nature is the greatest artist. The folks at Bios Incube are using their creativity to help her show her best side. The Bios Incube system nurtures the growth of a tree from human or animal … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Carry Your Loved One With You As Memorial Jewelry

Custom jewelry featuring remains of loved ones keeps the memories close

Our Tip of the Week: One of the great benefits of cremation is that you can carry the memory of your loved one — a person or pet — with you in a very tangible way. Memorial jewelry, popular in the Victorian … Continue reading

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