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A Community of Cremation Vessels: Cloud of Stars by Zhufei Zhufei

Chinese architecture blends technology with tradition in this columbarium

Today, social media pervades our culture, setting the tone for the way we choose to experience life. So why not tailor technology to accommodate the ways we choose to experience death? Design for Death finalist Zhufei Zhufei is one of … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Planning a Green Funeral When a Loved One Dies Suddenly

Funeral options for young environmentalists

Our Tip of the Week: Most green burials are planned ahead of time. There are times, however, when a death occurs suddenly and the family wants a green burial, often to honor what they believe their loved one would have … Continue reading

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How Quakers Cope with Death

Honoring the dead brings solace to the grieving

The Quaker religion is a form of Christianity founded by George Fox in England around 1650. Six years later, in 1656, two women brought the Quaker religion to the United States. Quakers believe that Christ, and by extension God, lives … Continue reading

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Wolfgang Natlacen Brings Fun Whimsy to Funerals with Urns That Double as Toys

The artist's egg-shaped urns transform the way we mourn loved ones

Walk into most funeral parlors in the United States, and you’ll see rows of somber, muted urns resting on the display shelves. For centuries, Western culture has thought of funerals and funeral accessories as dignified and utterly sanitized. Any attempts at … Continue reading

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What is an Undertaker? An Interview with Patrick McNally, Part One

A funeral director gives his unique perspective on end-of-life rituals

Today, SevenPonds is speaking with Patrick McNally, the outspoken and creative  funeral director behind the blog The Daily Undertaker, which explores ritual and art surrounding death and dying. In this first installment of our interview, Patrick reveals his honest insight into the funeral … Continue reading

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Death at a Funeral: The Now-Extinct Indian Custom of Sati

Indian widows threw themselves into their husband's pyres during this outlawed tradition

It’s not uncommon to find strict cultural rules that tell women exactly how to behave after a husband’s death. In some societies, women are expected to wear all black, cover the mirrors in their homes or even stay indoors for … Continue reading

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