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Discussing Death Around the Globe

Coffee houses and conferences draw community who want to discuss death together

Mankind is raising its consciousness when it comes to death. Not only is the subject no longer taboo, it is the main topic of conversation at conferences and cafes around the globe. From Oxford, England’s Death Café, where visitors enjoy … Continue reading

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How Can Yoga Help Us Confront Death? An Interview with Camella Nair, Part One

A yoga teacher and swami discusses impermanence

Today, in this first part of a two-part interview, SevenPonds speaks with Camella Nair, a yoga teacher and swami born in England and based in California, about her spiritual journey through yoga over the past 30 years. Camella is certified in … Continue reading

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Breaking the Taboo of Death

A long journey from the grim reaper to current Death Cafes

If a person searches the word ‘death’, artists’ renditions of the Grim Reaper appear on the screen—each one depicting a similar figure of a haunting, skeleton figure, enshrouded in a black cloak, drawing us forward with his scythe. These images … Continue reading

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What is an End of Life Advocate? An Interview with Betsy Trapasso

Betsy Trapasso opens up about how working as an end of life guide has helped her advocate for discussions on death.

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Betsy Trapasso, an end of life guide, advocate and film producer. She has a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Fairfield University. Betsy has many years of experience … Continue reading

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Women in Business Building a Startup

I’ve learned a lot along my short path thus far

Last month I was at a Death Cafe in Marin, surrounded by mostly Baby Boomers talking about death (if you are unfamiliar with Death Cafes, check out this past post). Yup, we were all just talking about death – imagine … Continue reading

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What is a Death Cafe? An Interview with Jon Underwood, Part II

The idea of talking about death openly and comfortably

Last week we talked with Jon Underwood, the founder of Death Cafe. Based on the sociological studies of the Swiss Bernard Crettaz, the goal of Death Cafe is to create a safe environment where people can engage in conversation about … Continue reading

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