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Jon Underwood, Founder of the Website Death Cafe, Has Died

Underwood leaves two children and an important legacy behind

Jon Underwood, the founder of the website Death Cafe, died suddenly from acute promyelocytic leukemia on June 27, 2017, at the age of 44.  The father of two was an influential figure in the end-of-life arena, carrying on the work … Continue reading

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How Can Yoga Help Us Confront Death? An Interview with Camella Nair, Part One

A yoga teacher and swami discusses impermanence

Today, in this first part of a two-part interview, SevenPonds speaks with Camella Nair, a yoga teacher and swami born in England and based in California, about her spiritual journey through yoga over the past 30 years. Camella is certified in … Continue reading

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Breaking the Taboo of Death

A long journey from the grim reaper to current Death Cafes

If a person searches the word ‘death’, artists’ renditions of the Grim Reaper appear on the screen—each one depicting a similar figure of a haunting, skeleton figure, enshrouded in a black cloak, drawing us forward with his scythe. These images … Continue reading

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Women in Business Building a Startup

I’ve learned a lot along my short path thus far

Last month I was at a Death Cafe in Marin, surrounded by mostly Baby Boomers talking about death (if you are unfamiliar with Death Cafes, check out this past post). Yup, we were all just talking about death – imagine … Continue reading

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What are Death Cafes? An Interview with Jon Underwood, Part I

Creating a safe environment for people to talk about death and dying

Today we talk with Jon Underwood, the founder of Death Cafe. Based on the sociology studies of the Swiss Bernard Crettaz, the goal of Death Cafe is to create a safe environment where people can engage in conversation about death … Continue reading

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