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What Is An End-of-Life Planner?

An interview with Alua Arthur, Los Angeles based end-of-life planner, Part Two

Today SevenPonds speaks with Alua Arthur. Alua is an end-of-life planner who founded Going with Grace to provide consulting services for those facing death and for their families. She is a former lawyer and a trained death midwife whose mission is … Continue reading

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Hermes the Death Doula

Greek god of transitioning and boundaries

Many of us today are thrust into the role of lay death midwife unwittingly. There are altruistic hospice volunteers and angelic professional death doulas and hospice chaplains and hospice nurses who feel called to work with the dying. They choose … Continue reading

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The Ephemeral Art of Tracey Kessler: Grieving and the Painting Process

Exploring the meditative, therapeutic process behind painting during the grieving process

Tracey Kessler always had an artistic spirit; she worked in the design industry and painted recreationally throughout her life.  When her mother, Sara Lou, suddenly passed away from pulmonary fibrosis in October 2010, Tracey took up her brush and created … Continue reading

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