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What Is A Coroner And What Does Their Work Entail?

An interview with Ken Holmes, former Coroner for Marin County, California, Part One

Today SevenPonds speaks with Ken Holmes. Originally from Fresno, CA, Ken began working with the Marin County Coroner’s Office as a death investigator in 1975. He worked there for 36 years, eventually serving as the elected coroner for 12 years. … Continue reading

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Film Series Review: “The Keepers” Directed by Ryan White

A documentary series unravels the mystery around a beloved nun's death

Following its massive success with the series “Making a Murderer,” Netflix has become the place for true crime enthusiasts to gather around and discuss complex murder mysteries. This year, Netflix released another fascinating series about murder and conspiratorial cover-ups,  “The Keepers.” In it, … Continue reading

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