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Song About Loss: “Ordinary World,” by Duran Duran

Duran Duran's hit single details the intricate grieving process

Duran Duran’s 1993 single “Ordinary World” is an homage to loved ones who have died. The song serves as a remembrance of foregone times, and details the occasional yearning for those times that everyone experiences when dealing with the death … Continue reading

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Song About Loss: “Someone Great” by LCD Soundsystem

"Someone Great" chronicles the messiness of grief and the difficulties of moving on

The American band LCD Soundsystem employs a unique style when it comes to their brand of electronic rock music. And their popular song “Someone Great” is a wonderful example of their music for a first-time listener. “Someone Great” is a … Continue reading

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Book Review: “This Thing Called Grief: New Understandings of Loss” by Thomas M. Ellis

The short book provides insightful ways to deal with loss and grief

“This Thing Called Grief” by Thomas M. Ellis is a treatise on loss and grief. It is a short yet powerful book comprised of tips and helpful ways to understand and deal with the messiness that is grief. Mr. Ellis … Continue reading

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“My Heart Will Go On” by James Horner and Will Jennings

The theme song of "Titanic" offers hope and inspiration

It was the winter of 1997, and the surprise hit in movie theaters was “Titanic.” Almost as popular as the movie was the hit song, “My Heart Will Go On.” The song is basically a love letter from a woman … Continue reading

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How Does Nutrition Affect the Bereaved?

An interview with Frances Holmes, nutrition consultant and grief practitioner, Part Two

Today SevenPonds concludes our discussion with Frances Holmes, a certified nutrition consultant and integrative grief practitioner. She specializes in helping people change their diets to improve their quality of life and also works with the bereaved. Frances’ practice is based … Continue reading

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Post-Bereavement Hallucinations May Help With Grief

"Sensing" the presence of a loved one who has died is a relatively common phenomenon

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. World-renowned singer Celine Dion can attest to that, as she lost both her husband Rene Angelil and brother Daniel last year. She has recently claimed that she still talks … Continue reading

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