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“The Unforgetting” Explores the Evolution of Grief

Artist Peter Watkins makes evolving photos and installations following his mother's suicide

An artist confronting grief has the almost insurmountable task of expressing deep, complex feelings to complete strangers. This is especially true for an artist dealing with the death of a parent. It is even more so when the death was … Continue reading

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”Finding Your Way after Your Parent Dies” Could Hurt as Much as Help

Advice for grieving adults is mixed bag of useful insights and misleading comforts based on Christian beliefs

Richard Gilbert, an Anglican priest and the author of “Finding Your Way after Your Parent Dies: Hope for Grieving Adults,” has the very best intentions. In the introduction to the book, he is clear about breaking free of proscribed ideas … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Story Lately Told by Anjelica Huston

Part one of Huston's autobiography reveals a fascinating childhood, difficult father-daughter relationship and the death of Huston's mother

It’s easy to understand why actress, model and 70s “It Girl” Anjelica Huston has divided her memoir in two. The first half, A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in London, Ireland and New York (Scribner, 2013) primarily chronicles her … Continue reading

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Translating Love: The Story of Nelly & Hubert Janssen

Wellness expert Mary Beth Janssen's mother translated the love letters from her youth -- bringing back many memories

“Death creates greater clarity,” says Mary Beth Janssen. We’re chatting over the phone before she takes her morning train into Chicago. It’s the start of yet another busy day for a woman whose passion for her work feels both inexhaustible … Continue reading

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South Korean “Death Beads” — Replacing Burial?

With burial plots hard to come by, a new end-of-life tradition rises in South Korea

As land for funeral plots in South Korea becomes harder to come by, locals are turning to a new burial alternative: the funeral bead. The idea is to cremate a loved one, but to have their cremation ashes turned into … Continue reading

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Estate Planning: Tips for Every Age

Young or old, parent or grandparent, you can learn the ropes of estate planning at any age

3 Tips for Estate Planning at Every Age: 1) As a Grandparent: Reflect without Fear Are you content with your plans? Do you feel you’ve properly communicated with your loved ones? This is your time to reflect. Consider final questions … Continue reading

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