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Death with Dignity: Lack of Access Biggest Issue

Refusal to participate leaves patients without access to end-of-life options

Twenty years ago, the state of Oregon implemented the nation’s first Death with Dignity Act. This state legislation provided a physician-prescribed, end of life option for terminally ill individuals. In the 20 years following, five other states and the District of … Continue reading

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Death With Dignity Law: One 29-Year-Old’s Decision To End Her Life

Brittany Maynard's illness is terminal, but she wants to die on her own terms

When 29-year-old Brittany Maynard chooses to end her life next month, she won’t be filed under suicide statistics. That’s because she isn’t committing suicide. Maynard is one of many who have elected to end their lives to avoid the excruciating pain … Continue reading

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Should We Have the Right to Choose Our Deaths?

Assisted dying opens a difficult question on whether we should choose our own deaths or facilitate others'

Should someone with terminal illness, chronic pain or an otherwise severely compromised quality of life have the right to choose the time of his or her own death? How should they decide? Who should help them? How should they do … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying.” by Derek Humphry

A useful guide for terminally ill and dying patients, their loved ones and the physicians willing to risk their careers to help them die with dignity

As a guide, Final Exit by Derek Humphry blends many styles of writing to advise terminally ill people who want to die with dignity and those who support and take care of them. Final Exit is part instruction manual, part memoir. … Continue reading

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In the News: Will Vermont Be the First Legislature to Approve an Aid-in-Dying Bill?

This week they debate a bill similar to Oregon and Washington state ballot initiative laws

Before the Vermont legislature is set to adjourn Saturday, the Senate is still uncertain whether it will pass aid-in-dying legislation, modeled after Oregon’s and Washington state’s Death with Dignity laws approved via ballot initiatives (rather than in legislation). Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin … Continue reading

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Physician-Assisted Aid-in-Dying: A New Front in the Culture Wars?

The End-of-Life Debate Heats Up

A new front in the so-called culture wars may well be forming. All the factors are there:  a vast disparity of opinions reinforced by geographic and cultural segregation, passionately-defended religious mores pitted against the social and economic motives of those … Continue reading

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