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Translating Love: The Story of Nelly & Hubert Janssen

Wellness expert Mary Beth Janssen's mother translated the love letters from her youth -- bringing back many memories

“Death creates greater clarity,” says Mary Beth Janssen. We’re chatting over the phone before she takes her morning train into Chicago. It’s the start of yet another busy day for a woman whose passion for her work feels both inexhaustible … Continue reading

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”Our fault is not that we fear death but that we don’t respect it as a miracle. The most profound subjects — love, truth, compassion, birth and death — are equal.”

- Deepak Chopra
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Solace and Stories

Deepak Chopra's Life After Death: The Burden of Proof offers more parable than proof

It is challenging, this whole living in the face of death thing. Our consciousness — which takes in all the incoming stimuli from the internal and external environments at whirling speeds and processes it into a cohesive structure we call … Continue reading

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