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How Can We Better Prepare for Emergency Medical Situations?

An interview with paramedic and educator Dennis Kowalski, Part One

Today SevenPonds speaks with Dennis Kowalski, a nationally registered EMT-Paramedic for the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the field, Dennis frequently encounters emergency medical situations, and has years of experience attending to those in crisis. In addition to his work as … Continue reading

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Book Review: “It’s OK to Die” by Monica Williams-Murphy and Kristian Murphy

Making difficult decisions about end of life care

“It’s OK to Die” was written by Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy, an emergency room physician, and her husband, Kristian Murphy. Dr. Williams-Murphy writes about how difficult it is to treat critically ill people who do not have advance directives. If the … Continue reading

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After the Death Panel Controversy, Physicians Struggle with End-of-Life Care

New medical codes could help patients plan their healthcare

An anesthesiologist described a chaotic scene in his hospital. Years ago, an elderly woman was rushed to the operating room with bowel trauma, septic shock and multi-system organ failure. The anesthesiologist, surgeon and nursing staff didn’t expect her to survive. … Continue reading

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Do Partial DNRs Increase the Risk of Suffering?

Doctors warn patients that cherry-picking options might cause harm

More patients are taking control of their healthcare wishes than ever before, using advance directives to customize their end of life experiences. While this freedom of choice has given patients more power, doctors warn that some personalized options could do … Continue reading

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