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Book Review: “A Shining Season” by William Buchanan

A cancer-stricken athlete makes the most of the time he has left

In “A Shining Season: The True Story of John Baker,” William Buchanan tells the story of what appears to be an overwhelming defeat turned into a triumph that no one could have predicted. In 1969, there were only a handful … Continue reading

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Polypharmacy During Final Months of Life Can Be Futile

Many older people are prescribed ten-plus medications during their last months of life

A new study published in The American Journal of Medicine finds that older adults often receive numerous medications of questionable benefit in their final months of life. Previous estimates have shown that between 25 and 40 percent of people aged … Continue reading

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“If” by Bread

A memorial song with a romantic view of the end of life

It’s often difficult to put into words how much you care for someone important in your life. Many of us squander the small opportunities we get every day to express our gratitude and love for the people around us. And … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Good to Go: A Guide To Preparing for the End of Life” by Jo Myers

Radio Personality Jo Myers' neighborly end-of-life guide for baby boomers and their parents

Jo Myers left her job in radio after a 33-year career to write “Good to Go: A Guide to Preparing for the End of Life.” And the book is exactly what it purports to be — a guide to end-of-life planning … Continue reading

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A Holiday Album: The Gift of a Life Review

A priceless way to honor your and your loved one's lives

Working with and being the student of those facing the end of life for many years, I have witnessed what really matters in living and in dying. Prompted to examine the life I was living and the legacy I would … Continue reading

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Elderly New Zealanders And Their DIY Coffins

Seniors across New Zealand get together to socialize and build their own coffins

According to the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand, the average cost of a funeral there can be between $6,500 and $7,000. A coffin alone can range between $1,000 and $10,000. Now some clever New Zealand seniors have come up with an alternative to … Continue reading

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