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Book Review: “It’s OK to Die” by Monica Williams-Murphy and Kristian Murphy

Making difficult decisions about end of life care

“It’s OK to Die” was written by Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy, an emergency room physician, and her husband, Kristian Murphy. Dr. Williams-Murphy writes about how difficult it is to treat critically ill people who do not have advance directives. If the … Continue reading

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The Messenger: Doctors and End-of-Life Conversations

How can healthcare professionals learn to better communicate about end-of-life issues with terminal patients?

How do you tell someone that they’re dying? Telling someone they have a terminal illness is a regular part of the job for some doctors. Yet, the folks behind the Alive Institute initiative believe that many healthcare professionals aren’t adequately … Continue reading

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Polypharmacy During Final Months of Life Can Be Futile

Many older people are prescribed ten-plus medications during their last months of life

A new study published in The American Journal of Medicine finds that older adults often receive numerous medications of questionable benefit in their final months of life. Previous estimates have shown that between 25 and 40 percent of people aged … Continue reading

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Cancer Patients Might Be More Optimistic About Prognosis Than Their Doctors

A small study finds conflicting opinions between doctors and their patients

According to a recent study, the majority of cancer patients believe they will live longer than their estimated prognosis. Researchers found that many patients remain optimistic about their survival chances even after their doctors give them a poor prognosis. Professors at … Continue reading

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New Quality Measures for Nursing Homes Give Patients Better Information

The five new qualities will change overall nursing home ratings

For years now, the Five Star Quality Ratings system has helped patients and their families compare nursing homes to find the best fit. This year, that rating system has expanded to include five more quality measures, giving patients an even … Continue reading

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How Can Palliative Care Be Implemented in the ICU?

An interview with Dr. Jessica Nutik-Zitter, Part Two

Today SevenPonds concludes our interview with Dr. Jessica Nutik-Zitter, M.D. Dr. Zitter is a board certified specialist in both critical care and hospice and palliative medicine and an attending physician in the intensive care unit at Highland Hospital in Oakland, … Continue reading

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