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“Kicking the Bucket List” Teaches Readers to Downsize

Gail Rubin makes life organization and end-of-life planning an easy process

If you’ve ever had a loved one die and had to sort through room after room of their life’s possessions, you know what a long, difficult process it can be. And if you’ve ever had to wade through your own … Continue reading

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After the Death Panel Controversy, Physicians Struggle with End-of-Life Care

New medical codes could help patients plan their healthcare

An anesthesiologist described a chaotic scene in his hospital. Years ago, an elderly woman was rushed to the operating room with bowel trauma, septic shock and multi-system organ failure. The anesthesiologist, surgeon and nursing staff didn’t expect her to survive. … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Plan Childcare In Advance of Bereavement

Plan in advance for your child's care while you are grieving

Our Tip of the Week: In this day and age, with advanced medical care available to almost everyone, most deaths can be anticipated in advance. Even when someone has a terminal illness, there is usually time to plan for the inevitable. Conversely, … Continue reading

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Our Tip of the Week: Regularly Update Your Advance Directive

Updating advance care directives helps avoid medical error and more

Our Weekly Tip: Paperwork takes us out of the moment and seems like a bothersome chore to many people. If you’re not one to dwell on your mortality, writing an Advance Directive can get shuffled to the bottom of your … Continue reading

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What is a Doctor’s Role in Advance Care Planning? An Interview with Dr. Karl Steinberg, MD: Part One

A medical doctor discusses his passion for palliative and hospice care

Today SevenPonds chats with Dr. Karl Steinberg, MD. about his two-decade medical practice focusing on palliative and hospice care. Dr. Steinberg is the medical director of three nursing homes and Hospice by the Sea (since 1995). He currently sits on the … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Update Your Legal Will to Include Minors and Dependent Adults

If you are responsible for the care of another person, you may need to update your will

Tip of the Week: If you have another person in your care such as a child or dependent adult (such as an eldery or otherwise incapacitated person), you may wish to update your legal will to reflect this. If the … Continue reading

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