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How Does “You’re Going to Die” Facilitate Talking About Death?

An interview with Ned Buskirk, Part Two

Today SevenPonds concludes its interview with Ned Buskirk of the program You’re Going to Die, also known as YG2D. Ned is an entrepreneur, educator and producer who lives and works in San Francisco, California.  Debra: Do you find that terminally … Continue reading

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Can a Palliative Care Team Help Families Cope?

Study examines the role of palliative care in the ICU

Over the last several years, healthcare providers have used palliative care to treat pain and discomfort in patients with serious illnesses. Unlike curative care, which aims to make the person “well,” the goal of palliative care is to make patients … Continue reading

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How to Age Alone in the Era of “Elder Orphans”

Fewer Baby Boomers have family and friends to rely on for care

An estimated 22 percent of Americans over the age of 65 are at risk of becoming “elder orphans,” according to a recent study. Elder orphans are individuals who don’t have younger family members, friends or spouses to rely on for … Continue reading

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