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A Hospital Gown Redesign Empowers Patients Through Fashion

Multiple hospitals are rethinking the classic backless blue smock

If you find yourself wearing a hospital gown, being fashionable is probably going to be pretty low on your list of priorities. Yet the clothes we wear, including utilitarian outfits like hospital gowns, do have an impact on our mood and … Continue reading

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Terminal Illness Ties Bring Death into Fashion

An artist creates stunning neckties designed to educate and make us smile

We often think of fashion as a fun distraction from the stress of daily life. Most fashion designers celebrate lighthearted youth, beauty and vitality, with brands claiming to shave 10 years off of your appearance using only a well-tailored dress … Continue reading

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A Show of Mourning Dresses From the Past Starkly Notes

We mourn in our own ways by not even thinking about such attire

When I came across a past installation at The Metropolitan Museum, entitled “Death Becomes Her,” I was astounded by the elaborate dresses – gowns practically! – that mourning widows (from 1815 to 1915) would wear following the death of their beloveds. … Continue reading

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Old is the New Black

The fashion world is slowly embracing graceful aging

For decades, models on the cover of most fashion magazines were rarely old enough to order a drink at a bar. In fact, most working models are still between 13 and 16 years old. The world of high fashion is … Continue reading

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Widowhood is Back

From Scarlett O'Hara to Alexander McQueen, a Victorian way of living and dying is returning

I have a theory about design and culture, that everything trickles down from the fashion world in some shape or form. Fashion pulls from life events to create formalized trends. What was once high-fashion becomes mainstream, reflecting and shaping how … Continue reading

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[A]Dressing the Dead: Garments for the Grave

Pia Interlandi Designs Burial Clothing for Stages of Transformation

Pia Interlandi is a fashion designer, artist, funeral celebrant, and teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. She often incorporates ideas of death, ritual, and transformation into her unique designs, and has even designed clothing for burial, informed by a fascination with human … Continue reading

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