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Before It’s “Too Late”: Seniors Share Fears Before Death

The fears and regrets of the dying expressed through an honest photo series by Steve Rosenfield

Steve Rosenfield is the brains behind the “What I Be” project, which is known for highlighting teens as an exploration of human identity and expression. “It’s a way to tell your story the way you want it to be told,” … Continue reading

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A No-Fear Approach to Death

Terminally ill doctor Stephen Wealthall explains why he has no fear of death, or any of the usual regrets of the dying

Death — and the sadness it invokes — lurk in the back of our minds as the inevitable, fearsome couplet of our life’s story. We have a concept of the trajectory of our days: they begin at birth and coast … Continue reading

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Celtic Dreamlands and Burial Rites

How Celts prepared for a wonderous afterlife in the otherworld

Although many cultures adorn the dead with material comforts like flowers, coffins, and well-pressed suits, these objects are generally meant to benefit those in grief. However, for the Celts, a society that spread across Europe and the British Isles from … Continue reading

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Accepting Death While Living Life

Mark Nepo lends some insight about accepting our ultimate fate in The Book of Awakening

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that, here at SevenPonds, we’ve talked several times before about accepting our deaths and embracing the unknown. We know there are benefits to accepting death: making the end-of-life experience more peaceful, helping us move … Continue reading

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Hypochondria: An Inside Look from Woody Allen

A fear of death keeps this alarmist alert to even the most minor health symptoms

The New York Times recently called on filmmaker, actor, and writer Woody Allen to share his thoughts on hypochondria. They wanted a look inside the head of someone always afraid of illness at the smallest sign of a symptom. Here’s … Continue reading

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