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Performance Artist Uses Power of Ritual to Move Collective Grief

Rebecca Belmore's performance "Vigil" highlights authentic expression and the power of witnessing

We all have different ideas that spring to mind when we hear the word “ritual.” Some of us immediately see in the mind’s eye the titillating Hollywood version, with dim candle-lit rooms and voices rhythmically reciting words in a language … Continue reading

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Inuk Woman Wins National Award for Memorial Quilt

Memorial quilt depicts strength in times of hardship

Veronica Puskas, who grew up in Nunavut’s Kivalliq region, won Quilt Canada’s 2014 prize for Excellence in Work by a first-time exhibitor. Her award-winning artwork “Pillars of Strength” is based on a photograph that depicts two figures — her mother … Continue reading

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1,181 Inukshuks Erected for Canada’s Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

Kristen Villebrun and her team of 10 build inukshuks along Chedoke Rail Trail

Inukshuks originate from the Inuit people indigenous to Canada’s north. They are meant to represent the human form, and are made from unworked stone. Their message is two-fold: they either mean that “you are on the right path” or “someone … Continue reading

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