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The Tradition of the Spanish Funeral

Fast interment, above ground niches, remaining close to the body

Different countries have different funeral traditions. The Spanish funeral focuses, among other things, on a rapid burial or interment. Many deaths in Spain occur in the home. The sick person’s loved ones usually start to prepare for the death a … Continue reading

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Body Transportation is Less Regulated Than You Might Think

In some states, transportation of bodies only requires a driver's license

If you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey and own a car, you could start a new career transporting bodies to funeral homes or crematoriums — all it takes is a valid driver’s license. The New York Times points out … Continue reading

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What is an Undertaker? An Interview with Patrick McNally, Part One

A funeral director gives his unique perspective on end-of-life rituals

Today, SevenPonds is speaking with Patrick McNally, the outspoken and creative  funeral director behind the blog The Daily Undertaker, which explores ritual and art surrounding death and dying. In this first installment of our interview, Patrick reveals his honest insight into the funeral … Continue reading

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What Is The Benefit of A Member Owned Cooperative Funeral Home? An Interview with Nora Menkin, Part One

The Co-op Funeral Home of The People's Memorial's Managing Director discusses the cooperative

Today is part one of SevenPonds interview with Nora Menkin, Managing Director of The Co-op Funeral Home of The People’s Memorial in Seattle. The Co-op Funeral Home of People’s Memorial is one of the only cooperative funeral homes in the … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Preparing for Your Full Military Funeral Honors

If you're a military veteran, you have some free burial benefits

Our Tip of the Week: If your loved one or you served in the military, free military honors benefits might be available. Check your eligibility today to prepare the necessary paperwork. The U.S. military is required by law to provide … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Funeral Homes and the Funeral Trade

Read Funeral Director Thomas Lynch's book "The Undertaking, Life Studies from the Dismal Trade" for a real view inside funeral homes

I’m long overdue to review the unquestionably seminal The Undertaking, Life Studies from the Dismal Trade, a book with an inside view of funeral homes. The work is written from the perspective of no less than a funeral director, Thomas … Continue reading

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