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How Can Palliative Care Improve Quality of Life?

An interview with palliative care physician Dr. Steven Pantilat, Part Two

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Dr. Steven Pantilat, a San Francisco-based healthcare professional with an expertise in palliative care. Dr. Pantilat teaches at UCSF, and consults with hospitals and other healthcare facilities on the best methods for improving communication about palliative … Continue reading

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A Decrease in Life Expectancy Could Impact Pensions

With more Americans dying young, retirement benefits could change

Despite many medical advances in recent decades, American’s life expectancy is on the decline. Two studies by the National Center for Health Statistics found that more Americans are dying at younger ages (under the age of 65) than in the … Continue reading

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Facing the Final Goodbye

Saying goodbye forever is life's most difficult task

Each month Kathleen Clohessy, R.N., offers a new perspective on living with a terminal illness. Kathleen comes to SevenPonds with 25 years experience as a registered nurse caring for families and children facing life-threatening illness. She began her career in the … Continue reading

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Getting Married Could Help Post-Surgery Recovery

A study finds that married people recover faster after heart surgery than unmarried people

Thousands of classic jokes poke fun at the stresses of marital life, but science says marriage might actually save our lives. A new study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that people who are married … Continue reading

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Why Does It Seem Like Everyone Has Cancer?

George Johnson, a former New York Times editor and reporter, analyzes why it seems likes everyone has cancer

In a recent article in the Sunday Review section of The New York Times, former editor and reporter George Johnson reflected on how “when the government publishes its Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, it is followed … Continue reading

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Film Review: Beaches (1988) by Garry Marshall

Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey star in a film about the arch of a friendship through love, jealously and illness

Beaches is Garry Marshall’s 1988 adaptation of Iris Rainer Dart’s novel of the tumultuous but unbreakable friendship between C.C. Bloom (Bette Midler) and Hillary Whitney (Barbara Hershey). While the film has its flaws, Beaches is an important part of the … Continue reading

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