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The Art of the Die-In

Meaningful visual images stir emotions

Imagine this: You’re out for a walk in your favorite park. As you stroll along, you notice that there are more people about than you’re used to seeing. Suddenly, the woman in front of you keels forward and drops to … Continue reading

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Keith Haring’s Paintings Depict Joy and Sorrow

A gay artist gives a distinctive look to his community

Keith Haring, who specialized in contemporary art during the AIDS pandemic, was born in Reading, Pennsylvania on May 4, 1958. He was a gifted artist from an early age, drawing his first inspirations from childhood idols such as Walt Disney … Continue reading

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Pills Can’t Stop the Inevitable: The Candy Art of Felix Gonzalez-Torres

An artist shows his audience the futility of fighting death

The late artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres was no stranger to the issue of mortality. In one of his works, he tackled the subject of death from the perspective of HIV/AIDS patients, depicting scenes of empty beds on billboards. Earlier in his … Continue reading

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HIV Virus Cure: Can Soy Sauce Save the Day?

Yomasa scientists say soy sauce molecule EFdA has tremendous anti-AIDS drug potential

According to Yomasa, a cure for the HIV virus could be nestled in pantries across America. The Japanese recently revealed its findings of a molecule in its soy sauce called EFdA that holds uncanny similarities to current anti-AIDS drugs. It’s not … Continue reading

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How Can We Support Men and Women Living with AIDS? An Interview with Michael Smithwick

The Executive Director of Maitri shares the facility's history and offers advice for caring for loved ones

Michael Smithwick is the Executive Director of Maitri, a residential care facility in San Francisco for people living with AIDS. Maitri was founded in 1987 when Zen teacher Issan Dorsey took in a homeless student who was dying of AIDS. The … Continue reading

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H.I.V. Prevention Justice Alliance Joins Caring Across Generations Coalition

Changing the Way We Care in This Country

New York – The H.I.V. Prevention Justice Alliance announced April 17th that they will be joining the new movement, Caring Across Generations, a national coalition of organizations including women, disability rights, older adult, worker, community, youth, student and caregiver organizations.  … Continue reading

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