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Our Weekly Tip: Planning a Green Funeral When a Loved One Dies Suddenly

Funeral options for young environmentalists

Our Tip of the Week: Most green burials are planned ahead of time. There are times, however, when a death occurs suddenly and the family wants a green burial, often to honor what they believe their loved one would have … Continue reading

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What is a Death Care Midwife? An Interview with Akhila Murphy: Part One

An expert shares her advice on alternative ways to personally memorialize your loved one

Today SevenPonds speaks to Akhila Murphy, a trained death-care midwife who has been practicing since 2013. Murphy’s job is to help families create beautiful personalized memorial services for loved ones inside their own homes. In this first part of our … Continue reading

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What is an Undertaker? An Interview with Patrick McNally, Part One

A funeral director gives his unique perspective on end-of-life rituals

Today, SevenPonds is speaking with Patrick McNally, the outspoken and creative  funeral director behind the blog The Daily Undertaker, which explores ritual and art surrounding death and dying. In this first installment of our interview, Patrick reveals his honest insight into the funeral … Continue reading

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A Game Changer Film That Alters The Way We Observe Death

“In the Parlor, The Final Goodbye”

I had the amazing good fortune to experience true magic recently when I drove from San Francisco to Sacramento. The storms actually parted as the sun streamed through. That evening an audience gathered for the debut of an unusual documentary film … Continue reading

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New Bill Aims to Block Families From Honoring Their Dead As They Wish

Virginia funeral director introduces bill to prevent funerals at home

As history has proven, the funeral industry does not always have our best interests at heart. Before I explain how the proposed “Storage of Body” bill will impact us, let me first make you aware of a growing movement. Across … Continue reading

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Adam Ruins Everything: How Funerals Completely Rip Us Off

Witty overview of modern funeral industry carries sobering message

“Adam Ruins Everything” videos are really catchy: fast-paced, clear, fact-checked, funny and enlightening. In the video “How Funerals Completely Rip Us Off,” our guide Adam takes us on a tour through the history of embalming and the funeral industry, illuminating … Continue reading

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