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How Do Caregivers Enjoy Time with Alzheimer’s Patients? An Interview with Patricia Ris, Part Two

Patricia Ris of Memory Care Cafe talks about how to ease the burden for Alzheimer's caregivers

Today we speak with Patricia Ris, the program director of Memory Care Cafe. Her San Francisco-based program teaches people with Alzheimer’s how to stay involved in their communities and maintain an active lifestyle. The group focuses on people in the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Alive Inside by Michael Rossato-Bennett

Rossato-Bennett follows social worker Dan Cohen as he embarks on a three-year journey to introduce music therapy to nursing homes throughout the U.S.

Rossato-Bennett’s Alive Inside (2014) is a must-see documentary for anyone who is familiar with the struggles of dementia. At the start of the film, we are introduced to Dan Cohen, who is both a social worker in nursing homes and … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Is The Sixth Leading Cause Of Death

How can you treat Alzheimer’s disease? Improv may be an answer

I hear over and over again from industry experts that Alzheimer’s is the most devastating disease of all. I have listened to the personal stories of many of my friends— horrified by the words and convoluted beliefs—as they witness their … Continue reading

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