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Eye of the Storm: Shawn Thornton Paints His Cancer

How an artist channeled a pineal gland tumor into stunning paintings

Philadelphia-based artist Shawn Thornton, now 40, suffered from a cancerous tumor of the pineal gland in his 20s.  Later, he channeled the pain of that experience into creating paintings that speak both to contemporary and yonder periods of art. The works … Continue reading

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Figure 1 Allows Medical Professionals To Share Photos of Undiagnosed Cases

The app is a social media community of medical students and professionals

Figure 1 is a social media platform that caters to the medical community. Healthcare professionals can upload photos and information about their patients’ conditions to a large social network for educational purposes. The app is especially useful for doctors who … Continue reading

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Voices Summoned from the Pandemic in Kyrie

Ellen Bryant Voigt's sonnet sequence on the post-WWI Influenza of 1918

Few may be familiar with the Influenza of 1918. Although it took half a million lives in the U.S. and 25 million worldwide, most of whom were young adults, the pandemic somehow eludes due emphasis in our history books. One … Continue reading

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The Art of Death in the Byzantine Empire

How the Byzantine Empire was met with an incredible juxtaposition of splendor and death

Time has turned the Byzantine Empire legendary from a grand successor into a struggling Roman Empire. Even if you can’t point to its capital on a map, odds are you’ve heard of the famed city of Constantinople. Known as “The … Continue reading

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Gain Comfort and Solace Through Laughter

Frank & Funny greeting cards give you a unique way to offer your sympathies

A new greeting card line written exclusively by stand-up comedians offers road-tested jokes for all occasions. “Frank & Funny,” created by Seattle comedian David Crowe, even has a few cards that let you laugh out loud at aging, illness, and … Continue reading

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